A quick shot

Updating the blog has been on the list for a long time.

Then I rediscovered my camera and although I have lots more pics to share I’ll add this as a quick little update with the promise of more to come.Max


Poor Monkey Three is sick today. He’s so cuddly and mellow and really not feeling well. While he was taking a nap this morning I have some time to edit pictures from Monkey See’s baptism.

We were so thrilled to have so many of our family and friends join us for the celebration. We had the baptism in the morning and then headed to our house for a backyard picnic/birthday party.


Baptism Boy and a Baby

We went to Denver to take pics of the baptism boy! He has been wanting to wear the blue blazer for a year now, but a button had fallen off and, well, sewing things on in a timely fashion is not my thing. We all have our limitations. That is mine. Besides, it was too big for him anyway.

But I sewed the button, we made it to Denver (we only had to turn back once so we could grab the camera – only 15 minutes into the drive – lol!) and the clouds cooperated, blocking the sun but holding back on the rain until we were done.

One little note about the flower in his jacket. It had fallen off one of the plants and he insisted on putting it in his breast pocket. I just think it makes him all the cuter! It’s so hard to believe that he will be 8 in just two weeks. We took these pictures so we could send announcements out about the big day.

This is the announcement we sent to family – if you didn’t get yours yet, sorry for the spoiler.

Then since the clouds were being our friends I snapped a few of Monkey Three. He is my angel baby! Love him and his triangle smile.  Monkey Do was there too, but not in a picture mood. Two out of three is not bad…though Monkey Three was a little surly at first. But have I mentioned how mesmerizing his blue blue eyes are? I think they are that way to distract from his lack of interest in growing hair. Here, see for yourself 🙂

Summer update

Hello long neglected blog. I’ve been spending every night from 8 to midnight working on my latest business endeavor. It’s so much writing and blogging that to sit down on Sundays to update the family blog kind of seams like working. So neglect has set in.

So sad, because I love writing about the family and our adventures. Now that it is summer we are playing, playing, playing and I love it, love it, love it.

Pool, bikes, parks, picnics, soccer, tball and lazy days around the house with a good pile of books.

Poor Monkey Three. He just gets carted around. I figure one nap a day is all I can promise him. Sometimes it happens at the park in the stroller. He’s surviving. I just hope he doesn’t get out of the habit of napping. I have some serious plans for his nap time once school starts up again.


His latest accomplishments/quirks are: sleeping in the stroller, enjoying sweltering at the pool side, drinking from a bottle (hooray!!!!!!!!!), feeding himself finger foods (annoying – what a mess!), not loving being spoon-fed (double trouble there since he still has no teeth – well, almost, one just broke through the otherday) and making the little rolling walker thing go all over the house.

He sits, plays, laughs, babbles, but does not roll much, nor does he seem to be making any progress towards self propelled motion. Some say it’s less trouble, but (and I know this from prior experience) there comes a time when he is ready mentally to keep himself more busy, but he hasn’t done the prep work of learning to scoot and crawl, so he just sits and cries – because what else is there to do when you are bored?

Monkey Do is playing t-ball! Oh, how I love it. I don’t think there is a more complicated game out there, something I didn’t realize until I watched 5 year olds try it for the first time. The whole concept of watching the batter, knowing when it is your turn to get the ball – very tricky!

Equally difficult is understanding the concept of “rounding the bases. I can’t tell you how many times the kiddos go straight on down the foul line. Love it. I also love the inattentiveness of the first baseman, between not paying attention to the pitcher throwing the ball to him, and insisting on standing on the base at all times – wow, that kid gets clobbered a lot. However, it’s not making much of a dent in his performance.

Monkey See is reading up a storm. He loves his action figures and Legos. It’s actually been quite a challenge to get him outside this summer. He’d rather hunker down in the basement and play. But we created a reading area in a grove of trees by our house, so he’ll take some books out there when I absolutely insist on it.

20110710-052301.jpgHe is in swimming lessons and is doing amazing! Within two weeks he has learned to swim the length of the big pool. Maybe he’s got the fish gene. Who knows.

As for me – I decided I have three pressing things in my life – play with the kids, work on my business and keep house. I can only handle two of them. So while the house falls to pieces, I am having lots of fun with the boys.

I also went to fourth year girls camp. So fun (thank you Max for taking a bottle, and thank you, Mom, for doing a marathon stretch with grandkids!) It was only a day and a half, but was a much needed break.

20110710-052609.jpgWe rafted the Arkansas river, which was very fast and very fun. The girls had a great time, no one ejected from any rafts, though we got pretty wet. I had to donate my pjs to a girl that didn’t bring any extra pants to change into. So I slept in a tent, in my jeans, on the ground and I got the best night’s sleep that I have had in 9 months!

Joseph is a dear and is diving into the yearly “tear up the dead sod” project. He finally gave into my pleas and capped off 17 sprinklers, rented the sod cutter and is now busting through the removal process (with my help of course, but still, he brings the muscles to the family).

Next will be shoveling large amounts of rock, hauling trees, digging holes, filling in with topsoil to build me flower beds. We hope all of this effort will finally get the areas designated for grass down to a manageable size. Who knows, we may even get grass to grow there.

We can only hope.

PS – These photos are from some of our hiking outings we’ve taking lately. We’ve hiked Devil’s Head, Red Rock Canyon and Castlewood Canyon. All amazing hikes and all except the last one with the boys complaining every step of the way. So Joseph and I rebranded our outings. Instead of going hiking yesterday, we went “exploring.” It was much better received. Score one for the parents! I wonder when the Monkeys will figure it out.


Sleepy time. Rocking Monkey three to sleep and then snuggling a little longer (until I’m pretty certain the dishes are put away) is just about the best thing in the whole wide world.

Monkey Report

It’s hard to believe the school year is almost over. Monkey See will be turning 8 this summer and getting baptized, Monkey Do is “graduating” from kindergarten. Monkey Three is starting to keep himself entertained long enough for me to switch loads of laundry and empty the dishwasher.

He is also starting to sit better. He’s 7, almost 8 months old now. He’s certainly not on the fast track to crawling and walking, and I can honestly say I am very, very glad. Just as long as he stays content sitting and playing with toys. He is babbling more – he says dada, mama, gaga and all the appropriate baby sounds. He’s discovered his spit and likes to drool and bubble it all over.

He’s eating Cheerios and pancakes, but I’m a little nervous to branch out into anything that doesn’t dissolve easily in his mouth. He’s sleeping better and only getting up once a night. Not bad, considering he sleeps 12 hours. He also takes awesome naps, which is also contributing to my ability to get things done. I predict that good things are ahead.

We took a few pics the other day to celebrate that fact that he can sit independently. He’s got these solid little cheeks that make him look like he could be a round little baby. But then you put him in short sleeves and short pants and you see that there is not much there – just a skinny little guy.

I have really enjoyed my mornings home with Monkey Do. The past few months I’ve been able to read with him and play games with him while Monkey Three naps. It’s been fun bonding time. I’ll miss him when he goes to school full time.

He is such a motivated kid. He will go grab a book on his own and start reading it. He also loves math. It is his passion. He’s got all his math facts down for subtraction and addition. He can do his older brother’s math homework. He even told me the other day that he wished they would let him do subtraction sentences with negative answers in kindergarten.

He is also a kind soul. I found this fun website called No Time for Flash Cards. It has some fun preschool crafts on it. I’ll let him scroll through and pick one to do. On Friday he decided we should make medals for each family member.

Monkey Three was awarded “Cutie Pie Sitter” – both a tribute to his new skill and his extreme cuteness. He accepted his award graciously by baptising it with his slobber.

Monkey Do gave Joseph the #1 Eye Doctor. I tried to encourage him with other qualities we could highlight to no avail.

For me, he said I’m the #1 Fun Mom. Probably because in the moment I was being really fun. Certainly he’s not referring to Saturday mornings when I turn into #1 Chore Mom.

My favorite was the award he gave Monkey See – #1 Imagination Expert. I also really love the expression on his face in this photo. This really captures their relationship. They are very close, Monkey Do really looks up to him.

Monkey See is very imaginative. He’s “building” a robot in the garage – which basically means anything in our garage is in jeopardy of being conscripted into the project. Nothing is safe.

But he has these elaborate blue prints all drawn out. I think one day he will really make a robot.

It’s hard to believe he turns eight this summer. It’s gone by so fast.

We’re anxiously awaiting summer – since today it snowed! So if you have some warm weather where you are could you please, please send it our way? Please?

Time for some catch up. These are some left-over photos from the weekend Jason came home.